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UHF Antenna Custom Bracket for Vehicles Without Bullbar

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  • UHF Antenna Custom Bracket for Vehicles Without Bullbar

    Hi all,

    Since I don't have a bullbar and don't plan on putting one on, but need a proper UHF radio I came up with the following (based on idea provided by Justin's post

    I used a mounting spot next to the horn (right hand side) since there is already a bold hole available and the horn mount didn't look like it would endure the test of time and cope with corrugations well. I fabricated a bracket out of 40x5mm flat bar steel and supported it with an allow bracket for extra strength. I have also considered roof mount and guard mount (Hilux bracket), however both didn't suit me as most of my trips are in the Vic High Country where we are often faced with overgrown tracks and branches hitting the side of the car.

    I tried using my 5W portable UHF thinking I could get away with it once a month when go bush, however the performance is just not satisfactory. I contemplated using GME AE4020 to give me a better range on my portable but it would have been a compromise and I would not provide me with the range required for the High Country and Outback Trips.

    So in case anyone want to give it a crack, here is the list of materials I used to get this done:

    - Half meter of 40x5mm steel flat bar (available at Bunnings or any other steel place)
    - Half meter of 20x3mm aluminium flat bar (available at Bunnings) - you can use steel but I found aluminium easier to bend.
    - Red (extra strong) double sided tape (available at Bunnings)
    - 1 x 8mm bolt with spring washer
    - 1 x 6mm bolt with spring washer and nyloc nut
    - 1 x can of matt black paint

    Here is what I did to make this bracket and I hope that pictures will assist:

    - Cut two lengths of 40x5mm flat bar, one 260mm in length and the other 50mm in length and weld the two pieces together at right angle.
    - Drill one 8mm in the small piece (20mm from top) for the main mount bolt.
    - Mount the bracket using the 8mm bolt (make sure you match the thread), tighten and measure the distance between the bottom of the bracket and plastic support. This will provide you with a distance for the support bracket.
    - Cut aluminium 20x3mm to 500mm.
    - Bend aluminum bracket to right height (for mine it was 140mm) and test it.
    - Mark both the main and support bracket and drill the 6mm hole to connect them together.
    - Once you are happy with the way it looks (making sure it sits between and not touching the fins on the grill, take them off, round the edges and paint. I used three coats of paint.
    - Once the pain dries, apply double sided tape to the bottom of support bracket and secure to plastic support below (make sure you clean both surfaces before applying tape).

    Any questions let me know.

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    Good Job , well done. I had considered similar but ended up with a nudge bar and Hilux guard mount
    2019 GX , in White


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      I just mounted mine here. I get better range than others with big antennas because i simply have cleared the roof. Love it


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        Lufkin, that looks great and I am sure you get awesome reception. I couldn't go for that option because I already had AE4018 which comes with a base that cannot be removed and that would mean I wouldn't be able to get into number of carparks in the city.