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Is it worth installing a Catch Can and Pre fuel filter

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  • Is it worth installing a Catch Can and Pre fuel filter

    All, whats the general opinion on getting installing a catch can and additional fuel filter. The guys at Opposite Lock definitely recommend a catch can and they also recommend a pre fuel filter if you are planning any remote touring. I think it was about $350 for the fuel filter installed and $500 installed for the catch can (or vice versa). They can install the fuel filter without impeding the future install of a second battery.

    What have other people done?

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    I'd agree to have both installed, however wondering if there's space for both on driver side engine? The passsenger side engine is already packed if we have 2nd battery installed. Anyone with some photos?


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      I dont have any photos , but ive got both fitted. firstly , the catch can was easy it mounts to the brake booster and takes less an hour to fit.
      The extra filter ( fitted as a pre filter ) comes with its own bracket which replaces the factory bracket , and is offset to clear the second battery bracket. In my case i have the DCDC charger mounted in front of the battery so didnt need the tray's charger bracket , which left more room for the additional filter. yes it is a bit of a squeeze but does fit ok. To replace either filter you just slide them upwards which gives you enough room to do the job.
      2016 GX , in White