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    GVM awareness is definitely a good point. Then add in axle weights for front and rear.


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      For those looking for an increase in fuel carrying capacity
      check out Brown Davis.
      I believe the additional tank they have on offer is 50 ltr's
      and the spare wheel needs to be dropped approx 50 ml.


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        Sub fuel tank hose; just had the car serviced. While on the hoist, the mechanic noticed the fuel hose at the sub fuel tank end had a few cracks on it near the hose clamps. The following is what I sent Long Ranger whose tank I had installed....

        My Fortuner was the car actually used for the R & D of the sub fuel tank a couple of years ago.

        Looks like there may not have been a suitable hose for connecting the sub tank to the main tank, & the fitters did the best they cold at the time with the hoses they had available to them.

        You may not be able to see it from the photos, but it appears, the hose used was too long, as both ends have been cut to fit & join both tanks. Because the tanks don't line up dead straight, might help explain that bit of stress on the hose that connects onto the sub fuel tank, thus causing the cracks.

        Result: Long Ranger are shipping me a new hose. Also, I hope the new hose is specifically made to follow the bends & line going from the sub tank to the main tank, thus eliminating the chance of further hose cracks in future.

        If you've had a sub fuel tank installed, check the fuel lines.


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          Got the new fuel hose from Long Ranger. It's longer than required & not specific in terms of its size for the Fortuner's main tank to sub tank connection, so had to be cut to size. No problem there.

          What we did find when taking off the cracked hose, was that the hose long ranger used, was cut & joined. It had a metal or alloy sleeve inside the fuel hose, which was held together with 2 clamps, plus of course the clamp at either end connecting the 2 tanks. So, one of 2 things; in the initial fitting of the sub tank, either they cut the hose in the wrong place & didn't have another hose, so they joined them together; or didn't have a hose at all & used off cuts with the internal sleeve to put onto the sub tank. Regardless, the combination of the join, internal sleeve & clamps, seems to have been the cause of the stress on that hose thus creating the cracks.

          I checked the part number stamped on both new & old hoses, & they were the same. As the new hose was longer than required for the Fortuner, I'd say its a generic hose perhaps used on several sub tank / cars, but then cut to length.