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  • Kaymar rear bar

    Hi, I am having my Fortuner fitted with the first production rear bar before Kaymar's general release . I am only having the rear bar K3910 only and not the carriers
    Attached is a before photo and I will update with another photo later this week.

    Kaymar description:- (K3910) Replacement bar/towbar, tested and rated to 3,500kg towing capacity, 350kg ball load, improved clearance and brilliant rear-end protection.

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    I am looking at rear bar options - Can you give me an indication on price? thanks
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      ALso looking at options...Good to see it when its complete.

      Question - If you decide not to get the wheel carrier and jerry can carrier, can you later on add these to the rear bar?


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        Im looking at the tyre trek also which if solid enough meets my needs

        carries what i need.. my roof weight is already maxxed out.

        can be removed for day to day use

        can be used for years and therefore if i change vehicle someday can continue to use it

        seems to make sense

        Issue is whether it is strong enough for a full offroad trip. Anyone with any experience on such a product let me know. It has been previously mentioned in a thread .

        otherwise i am looking at the rear bar
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        • young_dazza
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          It's the first time I've seen this product. Seems like a great idea. I guess the only negative is that you can't tow at the same time. If you did tow I guess you would need to put the spare on the trailer / on the back of the caravan. The other advantage of the kaymar would be that it would be a lot tougher off-road than the stock plastic bumper. The tyre trek is presumably cheaper. Anyway send us some photos after the install!

        • 4Tuner
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          Yeah just wondering if tyre trek or similar tire gate holds up after the a few days bouncing up and down tracks.

          Of course you would empty fuel jerries into the main as soon as you could so full weight only there for that long but still. Water jerries on the back a bit longer.

          You can tow with the tire gate. But tyre trek has recovery point built in.

          Other issue is clearance on the rear.. it could lower the departure angle.

          Anyway ill keep looking into it.

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        I like the idea of the tyre trek but not completely sold on the idea, although I like the flexibility of its use.

        Not sure, but would the tyre trek in a twin spare wheel or jerry can set up restrict the view of the reversing camera? Could it be an issue reversing in tight places in off road situations with an obstructed view?

        I'd also be interested to hear from anyone whose used it or knows someone who has for the feedback.


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          Looks like for the tyre trek the wheel is in the centre so i think would definitely block the rear camera.

          the tire gate/mate (competitor) is offset from centre so i think it could be ok with wheel but then with jerries it may.block it.

          Definitely a con but not a deal breaker for me as for a proper offroad trip i would always have others with me to spot and day to day around town it will be off the car and in the shed

          prob not too different from the hitch mounted bike carrier i have..i cant use the rear camera when all the bikes are loaded.

          pros and cons to everything it seems

          Rear bar more solid and offers greater protection etc but tyre trek / tyre mate more flexible.. (but is it solid enough? That is what i need to know. The sales guys says it is but looking for a proper review)
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            Hi, here are the photo's of the Kaymar rear bar on my Fortuner, (sorry black on black is hard to see). The price list can be found on the Kaymar web site prices . The bar is $2040 + fitting approx - $280. Note: if your vehicle does not already have a tow bar then an additional Toyota wiring loom is required approx $200ish.
            Last edited by chesty; 11-04-2017, 03:18 PM. Reason: Yes, the carriers can be added after. They just require the arms and any wiring for camera's etc.. The bar is super solit and the arm pivoit are heavy duty.


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              Looks great. Thanks for posting.
              So rear bar $2320
              double jerry can holder $905
              wheel carrier $766
              plus rewire of parking sensors? Call it $4K all up?

              id be keen to know the weight. I will call kaymar at some point to ask.

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                Wheel Carrier - 24kg
                Dual Jerry Carrier - 22kg
                Kaymar guy estimate of Rear Bar - 70kg

                so around 116kg all up
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                  Yep, it appears to be quite solid. the other point to note is that additional wiring looms maybe required for camera and reg plate light etc..$ extra.
                  The are also high jack lift points and a recovery point incorporated into the bar.


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                    I finally went to pick up the tow hitch mounted rear carrier.

                    looked the goods but unfortunately did not fit.

                    i have the genuine tow hitch and 265/70/17 BFG AT spare underneath. The hitch mechanism is long and pushes back against the tyre which stops it going in far enough. I think this would be a problem even with the stock 265/65/17 spare but dont know for sure as didnt have measuring tape etc.

                    it was the wilco offroad (usa) model so i might have a look at the competitors and see if they are slightly different and fit.


                    too bad as this was off gumtree and therefore gumtree prices
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                    • gary
                      gary commented
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                      I had a similar problem with a hitch mount bike rack and the same tyres. I cut a little off the male hitch insertion and all is good now. Not sure if that will help?

                    • 4Tuner
                      4Tuner commented
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                      Thanks Gary

                      Yeah i have a thule 5 bike hitch rack and it fits ok.

                      There is a fastening mechanism on the end of the carrier insert unfortunately so cant be cut back or would impact how secure it is.

                      Ill keep looking for the right solution