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upgrading tyres or wheels on Crusade

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  • upgrading tyres or wheels on Crusade

    Hi All

    I am enjoying my new Fortuner Crusade in Graphite. Very happy with it.

    Family of four. Done about 5,000 km to date including several camping trips, country visits to family and some beach driving. The Fortuner has been great.

    I am looking for some advice on wheels and tyres. It current still has the 18" wheels with highway tyres that it came with from Toyota.

    The plan is to tackle as many of the signature trips over the next 5+ years as we can while the kids are a good age for it. Flinders Ranges, Vic High Country, Frazer etc etc.

    Obviously my current tyre/wheel combo is not up to the task.

    Given my situation being city based for 48 weeks of the year and then mostly offroad for the say 4 weeks a year (plus a few weekends away) on trips would people suggest i simply buy a second set of offroad tyres and switch then over for the trips away? Probably easier to have a second set of rims and just switch the whole wheel over? Any experience this this? Any problems with wheel balancing etc?

    Alternatively I will just get a new set of tyres for my current rims, but I have been told that 17" or below rim size is better for off road use (the more tyre the better). Not concerned with how it looks just how it works. Also steel rims are recommended for offroad use so the current alloys may be no good.

    Would you suggest I fit an all terrain tyre on my current rim or better to switch rims. Obviously if i have set of tyres for off road use only I can choose a more aggressive tread pattern.

    thanks for the advice/comments - new to 4WD

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    Hi Tuner,

    Be aware of changing rims sizes and the laws around it. IIRC there are laws in place that do not allow you to go down a size on your rims 18" to 17". Please check your state legislation on that. On know in SA we cannot go down in size on rims. If the tyre placard said that the car should have 18" rims then you cannot put a smaller size on. However, you can put a larger size on. The other down side to putting smaller rims on is the make sure it does not touch the brake calipers.

    In regards to tyres I have heard that Goodyear wranglers should fit and are a good tyre of reasonable off road work. From memory they are a 60/40 tyre which for me is ideal. Personally I am waiting for Mickey Thompson ATZ P3 to come in the country about mid year. I am putting them on my Crusade once I where out the factory tyres. I email Mickey Thompson Australia late last week, and they said that they are expecting 18" tyres in that range about mid year.

    Just my thoughts.



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      Hi Tuna,

      I've previously run 2 sets of rims on previous vehicles along the lines you suggest and it works well in terms of not having to "compromise" with an All Terrsin tyre: not really aggressive enough for offload use and some well known brands of A/T are simply awful on wet tarmac. Having run two sets on my Pajero until December last year I did find myself thinking that the changing rims was a real pain (not to mention storage) and wondered what I would do with the Fortuner.

      Your question is quite relevant as the stock rubber will be no good for a trip to the centre in July,

      I have the GX so have the advantage of 17" steel wheels already and what you say about both 17" and steel is generally true - although I think alloys are a lot better offload than they were 15-20 years ago. The main disadvantage is that no "bush repair" exists for an alloy. But I've been doing some of the big trips you've mentioned since the late 80s and never done - or been with anyone who has done - a bush repair a rim so really is a bit of an academic difference IMHO.

      I also have my eye on the Mickey Thompson ATZ P3 ... some great reviews around I had them priced at my local tyre power yesterday for the 265/70/17 size ... wait for it ... $430 each. I'm not sure I can justify that kind of price when well established and reliable performing competitors are around $300 each. I haven't decided but it is certainly making me pause.

      If you opt for a 2nd set of steel rims I imagine you'd opt for a 17" rim anyway so you can get a higher profile tyre ... at least 70. Much better offload than a larger diameter wheel. I know I'm going to miss my 235/85/16s which is all I've ever run offload.

      cheers Geoff.
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        thanks for the intel gents..much appreciated.

        I had no idea about the legislation part. I'm in NSW so may be different. ill have to read through this.

        I'm not going to be crushing rocks or anything off the charts in the car anytime soon so maybe the alloy rims with new all terrain tyres will do the job and save me storing and changing the 2nd set. I can get a set of steel rims later if the trip plans require it.

        as for the 2nd set of rims - as they are going to be stored in the shed for a good portion of the year I was hoping to pick up a 2nd hand set of rims and just get right tyres fitted. seems lots of people are trying to offload the steel rims that came with either the fortuner or new hilux (they look the same) with plenty floating about gumtree/ebay etc.. I assume I will have no problem fitting those to the Crusade but don't know for sure.

        ill head down to the tyre shop on the weekend and have a chat
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          Just picked up a set of Maxxis Bighorn MT-762 (275/70/R17) on my crusade. Seems though that clearance is an issue and will have to wait for Lift-kit and Bullbar before I fit them...for the time being they will sit in the garage and gather dust .

          Will certainly post pics once I sort this out...


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            Hi mabott,

            If you are into the Ironman gear they have their XGS suspension kit with a 40mm lift available, may be an option?
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            • mabbott
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              cheers Shaun, I will have to give them a call tomorrow and see whats available...

              Anyone know any reputable Ironman retailers to go through?

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            Let us know how you go with clearance on the 275's Mabbott. Do you know what the offset of your new rims are? Mick66.


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              Anyone know if 15 offset rims are ok to fit? I am told they give a bit more clearance in the wheel. Apparently stock rims are 30 offset.
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                Jax suggested 30 offset with the rim, hopefully the lift will fix the clearance issue