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  • 2nd Fuel Filter

    Hi Guys, has anyone had installed a 2nd Fuel Filter? Is it worth it?

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    There is a post on here where it goes in depth about it. If you go to fuel managers website the will recommend a secondary over a primary.


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      I went with a primary from Diesel Care. Mostly for the extra water trap. Also as it shouldn’t have any effect on the warranty as it is pre the Toyota stock one.


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        In a nutshell-

        If going on trips around the place and out of nowhere places where fuel may be contaminated with water a pre filter is recommended. This is mainly a larger water trap.

        If just staying in populated areas where fuel has a higher turnover a after filter could be for you. This can be down to a couple microns and will take out the smaller long term wear particles that can affect pump and injectors.

        Fitting both can cause issues with the lift / low pressure feed pump keeping up with demands under high fuel usage which may affect fuel rail pressures.

        So fitting one or the other is not a bad idea just pick what suits your needs. Most go with the pre filter and I know of one user on here very happy he did.


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          I went with the 30 micron primary , mainly due to the water capture abilities. Picked up a load of fuel on the way to Cape York last year which had more water than it should have , and the filter did the job well. I modified the mounting bracket a bit to make the filter easier to remove .
          2016 GX , in White


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            I fitted a Donaldson kit, p/n P902976. Our dealership has fitted many many of these kits to the older Hiluxes, 200 Series and Prados. We also fit them to the current batch of Toyota Diesel Engines these days. In fact I just put one on my Fortuner a few days ago. Any of you people wanting to drive/tour the outback, means this is a necessity for the newer and older common rail variants.


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              I took a different approach for fuel filtration on the Fortuner after previously destroying a set of injectors on my D4D Prado.

              First off there is a Water Watch as supplied by Responsive Engineering. This is not a filter but has a diffuser plate which separates fuel and water. It is fitted with an electronic sensor to continuously test for the presence of water with an audible alert for the driver. Because of its design, it should not present a restriction to the fuel flow. I know that these work as we fitted some to our work vehicles that travel around outback NSW and they picked up on water contaminated fuel on several occasions.

              Next there is the standard factory filter.

              Finally there is a 100 series 2 micron Fuel Manager filter acting a final filter. I use PN 35614 element rather than the normal PN 36693 2 micron element as it is around twice the length of a PN 36693 element at 4 inches. Logic for this is that the larger length filter element has around twice the filtration surface area.

              Might be ‘over the top’ but it gives me some reassurance after the costly Prado repairs and, to date, never had an fuel starvation issues with this combination.


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                The water watch is interesting. Video on YouTube from new inventors is what I watched.
                I am surprised they are not more well known, maybe the cost is a killer?