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    G'Day Trend Setters,

    Purchased a Uniden UH8080S UHF for the new Fortuner. This unit a remote speaker microphone.

    Was thinking in the centre console but it probably will take up too much room and annoy the wife.

    Would like peoples opinion on where I should mount this unit knowing I don't need to access the main box as all the controls and speaker are on the mouth piece.

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    2015 GX auto / Genuine steel bull bar, snorkel and tow package / Ultimate suspension / Rhino sliders / BFG KO2s / ORS drawers ...


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      I have a regular CB (I dont like having controls on the mic as theyre too easy to bump!). I just mounted mine on the side of the centre console (to the left of the gear stick). The mic is mounted on the brown bit to the left of the radio.


      • salv8805
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        Do u have any pics of your mic mounting area? I found it difficult to find a place on the dashboard

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      This link below is gold. Thanks for that.


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        Where did you guys connect the power to for your UHF? Is there a spare power outlet under the dash somewhere?

        Also, What is the best route to take to get the antenna cable back into the cab?

        Any photos appreciated.


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          Ok, just found this thread.

          This forum is gold.


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            I routed the antenna cable through a hole that had a grommet in it that I found high up on the passenger side firewall.


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              Do you have a photo of this. Is it the small one one the far right when looking at the engine (behind the glove box).

              Originally posted by wiggy View Post
              I routed the antenna cable through a hole that had a grommet in it that I found high up on the passenger side firewall.


              • thehunteroz
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                Yep sure is, it's a double walled grommet, PIA at first but once it's had a few wires put through it's easier, just run a draw lead through.

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              I went with a small Oricom unit. fitted the mike holder over the passenger side of the centre console. The challenge was what to do with the handset, so I ribbetted to the top of the unit it self. I sat in the passenger seat to ensure that it will not intrude on the Woman's personal space (you know how they are about space) is a bit out of reach and I have to bend my back a bit to reach it, but I just didn't to drill holes on the nice dashboard. I fitted the aerial to the bull bar and is connected to the main battery, although I am thinking on connecting it to the second battery so I don't end up with a flat main battery if I forget to turn it off. I will post another picky from the side as I forgot to do that.