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  • ARB Sahara Bar

    I have ordered ARB Sahara Bar (was a toss up with Toyota Alloy Bar)
    Have others who have installed the Sahara Bar or Summit bar found a need to upgrade the front springs.
    ARB says the standard front springs will be OK unless I install a winch. I have a winch which I removed from previous vehicle but I have no plans at this time
    to reinstall it. I have the GXL
    Thanks for any thoughts and comments.

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    I am looking at putting the same bar on my blue GX but have not seen one mounted in the flesh - any photos?


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      I had a Summit bar installed on my GXL and I have had no problems. I recently had an aux battery installed and I have noticed a difference but I might be wrong. Time will tell. ARB told me the same thing about a winch and they also said the bar only added the weight of another passenger in the front


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        Steel bars run from 60 to 100 kg approx.

        It's amazing how hard it is to find out the actual weight in given instances, esp given the prospect of exceeding front axle loading.


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          i have always worked on the theory of loading it up then weighing it and working out what spring upgrade you need, the guessing and hearsay will be the death of it, oversprung is as bad if not worse than under sprung


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            ARB colour coded Sahara Bar and amazing Stedi`s Led Lights.


            • CPTuna
              CPTuna commented
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              Looks great, wodens. I have been looking at the Sahara Bar also. Was wondering if you can pm me on what price you paid for them? Cheers.