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Snow/mud chains

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  • Snow/mud chains

    It looks like if you want snow or offorad snow/mud chains it's rear wheel only.

    The manual says rear wheel fitment only which can usually be ignored, but a quick inspection and feel behind the front wheels reveals less than 10-12mm clearance between the tyre and a control arm tab - near my fingertips in the pic (not to mention fronts already rubbing the guard with 265/70/17's at full lock).
    Lift or no lift, offroad konig rallye 267 chains requiring 25mm clearance won't fit the front. A low profile 6mm - 8mm on-road snow only chain might fit in there, but you risk damage and the possibility of tearing the brake lines if the chain catches the control arm tabs and lets go.

    If you want/need chains it looks like rears it is.

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    Thanks mate appreciated, heading to the snow this week.