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  • Suspension upgrade

    Thoughts on air bags vs suspension upgrade to fix the rear sag when I have my Jayco camper trailer attached? The ball weight is only around 180 kgs. Cheers

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    I had 150kg springs when I upgraded the suspension. Still had rear sag with drawers etc in the car. My local ARB (no affiliation) guy discussed the air bag -v- spring upgrade option with me, & I decided on the 200kg spring upgrade. The ARB guy indicated the the air bags always needed some air in them even when the car was unladen, & then there was always the chance of the air bags pinching or being punctured when off-road. The latter happened to a mate on our trip to the Dig Tree when a bit of tree branch pierced one of his air bags.

    Its a personal choice, but with everything, do your research then decide. Best to speak to people who tow regularly to see what they've experienced.