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UHF aerial mount (no bull bar)

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  • UHF aerial mount (no bull bar)

    Evening all...

    well as as the title suggest, I am looking to find the best way to mount a UHF aerial when you don’t have a nudge bar or bull bar.

    i have seen the Hilux front guard types, but I think they will bend too much with the weight of the aerial.
    I have come across a mount that attaches (I think) to the bonnet hinge bolts

    This is for the Hilux, but have been in contact with the manufacturer and he said others have put them on to Fortuners and used them for aerial mounts.

    My question is has anyone seen these type of brackets before or have any thoughts on them?
    they seem quite solid as is using 4mm powder coated steel.

    Edit: link for those that may be interested...



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    They look pretty solid and bonus is if it doesn't work out you can just unbolt it. How are the guard mount ones attached you looked at?
    I have drilled a few guards in my day for guard mount aerials on land cruisers and there is no turning back.


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      Seeing as has been a long while since I posted this, has anyone tried these out or found something to attach an aerial without a bull bar/nudge bar?


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        Hi BJ, the installer I used put a bracket of the underside of the front roof rack. The cord goes up on the side of the windscreen, can hardly see it. They use some silicon too on the cord to hold it in groove on side of windscreen.


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          A guy in our 4WD club's done similar to Frazza. His aerial is attached to his roof top basket on one of those fold down antenna bases. He puts it up & down as needed.


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            do t have roof racks or the like at the moment so not an option.
            Going to grab a set of these tomorrow and hoping to install Friday so will let you know how we get on.


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              Ok so grabbed these today and they look very solid.
              Have satup beside the bonnet mount and are going to sit very nicely. Can’t wait to get them installed!


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                Couldn’t wait and got the bracket installed... will do uhf tomorrow.
                Bracket sits perfectly!


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                  looks great. How has it held up?
                  Im looking at the same thing and wondering if you’ve had any probs?
                  where did you get them?