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  • Engel drawer fridge

    hi guys I'm looking at putting a set of drawers in the back of my fortuner except instead of having normal storage pull out drawers i want to put 2 fridge drawers in to eliminate having a fridge on top on a slide. Theres not to many brands to choose from and i would either go with the waeco 30L or the engel 30L. Being a big fan of engel for their reliability so the price difference doesn't worry me however seem as though this is my first wagon my friend told me about how you hear a lot more of the noises while driving compared to my ute I'm use to with everything in the canopy. I believe that engels are a lot noisier with their sawafuji swing motor and I'm wondering if having 2 of these in the back will be to annoying?

    Does anyone have any experience with the noise of them or the waeco and if anyone has any experiences with drawer fridges at all? thanks

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    Hi borgna, I've got a regular Engel (the Eclipse) and the noise has never bothered me (or the kids in the back), its barely audible. I think engel use the same guts in these drawer fridges.
    My main concern with a drawer fridge would be that its not tall enough for milk/wine etc. But I guess you'd make do lying them on their side?



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      yes that is something i would have to work around them larger items for the fridge. If worst comes to worst i would probably buy a 40L normal fridge separately to leave on the second row seats which would give a total of 100L capacity and them larger items will fit easily in it. I just think having just a 40L fridge is to small and i really don't want a big fridge on a slide on top of normal drawers


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        I’m very happy with this setup. The fridge is easily accessible, rear vision is not obstructed, the jack compartment is still accessible, and the space above the drawer is perfect for items such as my folding chair, portable toilet, first aid kit etc.
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          I have the non-drawer variety Engel 38L Eclipse and I've never noticed the fridge cycle noise, but then I have kids in the back too which may mask the fridge noise with their own noise.