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TJM - Big News! Soon to be released gear for the Fortuner!

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  • TJM - Big News! Soon to be released gear for the Fortuner!

    I had a very worthwhile chat with the guys over at TJM today and kudos to them for being very forthcoming with a lot of helpful information. So here is my best attempt to collate all the information that was given to me over the phone and I hope I have got it all correct. You can definitely hear the enthusiasm that TJM has for doing this work!

    So there is long line of vehicles that have been under development at TJM and these include the new Ford Everest, the new Hilux and then the latest iteration of the 200 series landy. So the Fortuner is next in line after these. The good news is, is that the Fortuner aftermarket bits will only be 2-3 Months before they start to be released and the general order will be detailed below.

    They currently have a GX and GXL in for testing and development and from what I gather, the full suite can be designed from this.

    They say they generally try to release everything in a batch but what I got from the conversation today it starts off with these and then the full spectrum of stuff will follow:
    1. So a T13 bar will be released first - the general fully featured steel bar with winch compatibility, hi lift jack points etc
    2. Then the T3 will be released which is there more stylish version, basically has all of the above with a single loop (Not sure if that was alloy or steel) to protect your radiator and no loops by the headlights
    3. I will double check with them - But I think an alloy bar was also in the works
    And the full spectrum includes:
    • Side Steps
    • Side Bars
    • Underbody protection
    • 40mm bore suspension from the Australian made 4000 series which includes springs in the XS (standard duty) and the XT (heavier duty) ranges
    • Snorkel
    • Panhard rods for those interested in the bigger lifts
    I think that is really good news for anyone interested in getting themselves a Fortuner and it shows dedication from TJM to developing purpose built stuff for the 4wd enthusiasts.
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