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    To my knowledge I have the 2nd Fortuner sold in Victoria in November 2015 as I placed an order for it as soon as it was advertised in Australia. I had great experience with the previous Fortuner when operating a company in Thailand and thought for years why doesnt Toyota Australia bring these in. They will outsell the Prado I assumed at the time.

    As Fortuner owners know the front bumper is a large one piece of credit card thin plastic, and it was only time before I punched a hole through it when colliding with something on the highway, but managed to push all the cracked bits together but looks ugly. It is a poor design made like that for cheaper production costs and profitable repair costs after in the advent of an accident. My vehicles in the past had the bumper in 2-3 pieces of varying colours that made repairs easier and looks much better in black or gray.

    I researched full bull bars and sort of like the ARB Summit Sahara Bar where i was quoted a whopping cost, see below :

    ARB SUMMIT SAHARA BAR: Painted White with Black Centre Tube $3250.00 Fitted


    RATED RECOVERY POINTS: $300.00 ea Fitted Grand Total $4600.00

    I then came across this simple item which is really all i need :

    I had it fitted at JHP Vehicle Enhancements in Blackburn Victoria where Rob did brilliant job fitting they are approved Rhino agents. It was $3,000 all up fitted. I am quite happy with it in the Satin Black colour that suits the Fortuner front end and the white colour of my vehicle.....I have the stock tyres on it that will get replaced with slightly larger 275/65 x 16's perhaps with the Michelin LTX Force when they become available later in the year.

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    Hi Alex, do you gave a photo you could post? I have been looking at this bar for the last couple of month and can’t decide between colour matched white or satin black as you have selected.


    • AlexV
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      Editing a comment
      Hi , yes I did take pics but cannot reduce them enough to fit the forum. When you look at the side of the car and if your car is white the Rhino Bar sticks out and looks very bad as the black guard covers do not match up to the bar and looks bad in most peoples opinion, see their website. It is not good to the eye!!
      So I say choose black looks real tough and I get stares from many other 4WD owners on the road in Rangers, Colorados etc.....if you car is a dark colour then the painted colour matched Rhino bar may blend in well.

      There is also much contention and dialogue on Rhino BarsFacebook page re this issue. My thumbnail on the side is one of the pictures I took head on and I have another 45 degrees side on......Rhino also have an option to fit a narrow pipe across the top to fit LED lights that also looks very good but I didnt need them......

      Actually if you look at JHP's FB page they uploaded six photo's of my car in their gallery. They have no real head on shot and it looks real good when the vehicle is coming towards you with the alloy bash plate.....