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WANTED - 18" steel wheels

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  • WANTED - 18" steel wheels

    I am looking for a set of 5 18" x 6 stud steel wheels to fit my Crusade. Happy to pay freight, I am in Adelaide.

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    Hey mate. What wheels you have at the moment?

    I just bought a 2016 Crusade... but was thinking of swapping the custom 18" alloys for 17s. I figure more rubber will be more useful on the rock.


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      Hello Duploboy, because I do a lot of pretty full on off road stuff with my car I run two sets of wheels. I still have the original alloys with the original 18" Bridgestones for bitumen use but I swap these for 17" steel wheels fitted with BF Goodrich A.T.'s for the off road stuff. I bought the 17" steel wheels and tyres new as a package from Bob Jane - $1,600 for the four. Take note, the alloys have different wheel nuts to the steels so if you keep the alloy spare for emergency make sure you carry a spare set of alloy wheel nuts.


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        Different nut torque too,

        the Alloy nut is far better not that the steel ones fail but can loosen easier

        still a little confused why you want 18" steel wheels ?

        For your off-road set it would be a good idea to buy another matching wheel and tyre, you can rotate the 5 it is worth it, you can run the tyres down to 40%, strip them from the rims and still sell them for good coin

        After running 2 sets of wheels for years this is a good way to do it, under 40% tread they don't perform that well are usually 4 years old ( rubber hardening up ) yet you still get good money for them
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          Thanks for the "heads up" Snowhite, I'm not too fussed about selling my A/T tyres, I will probably wear them out in the next two years. For reference, my A/T set up is 17" steel wheels and my black top set up is 18" alloy, I don't have 18" steels.