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  • Tow bar tonuge

    Does anybody have a tongue they would be willing to part with?
    Mine was stolen while at the caravan camping show in Penrith last weekend. Would prefer Sydney region.

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    Bugger, that's just rude! I enquired at dealer for a second one, 1 for normal ball and 1 for oz hitch. They wanted $160.

    Good luck getting another 1.


    • Kat
      Kat commented
      Editing a comment
      I rang Toyota on Wednesday $167 for just the tongue. Enquired about a hitch lock while I was st it. Nope nothing on the market with fit without mods.

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    Do you have to use a genuine towbar tongue?
    Couldn't you get one from anywhere, I bought a TJM recovery Hitch & it slotted straight in.


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      The factory tongue is rated (tow rating) to the factory tow bar, that would be the only issue with using a factory one. But any tongue should/would fit, it's just if you have an accident towing and using a under rated part.