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Cheap freight for parts??

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  • Cheap freight for parts??

    Anyone got a good tip/hack on cheap freight?

    Looking to ship something car related from North Qld to NSW. Its 40 kg or so. Doesn't have to be express.. happy to wait a few weeks to lower the cost.

    Thought I read online someone got a truckie to move something for cash once.. not sure how I would line that up. Don't have any connections.

    Anyway just thought I would ask..otherwise will go through usual channels (Google search etc).

    Thanks all.

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    try E Go couriers , they are awesome if not in a hurry but i havent used them for some time. 40kg is a bit heavy for Greyhound bus frieght so rules that out. Try joining some of the Facebook car groups there are often blokes advertising thier services for moving cars and parts around.
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