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  • Scangauge2

    Picked up a scangauge2 & mounting bracket which both work well. However, there was nothing in the user manual about EGT codes. I contacted the scanguage people who replied there's no EGT coding for the 2015 model tuners, but are available from the 2016 models. Does anyone happen to have the vehicle identification codes for the EGTs that I can try to feed into the SG?

    The SG people also gave me the vehicle codes for the ATF (auto transmission fluid) temperature, which I fed in, but for some reason the temperature doesn't appear on the SG screen. I checked the codes to make sure I entered them correctly.

    Not sure if the ATF temp has to reach a certain level before it displays on screen. The scangauge mob aren't open Saturdays, so I gotta wait til Monday to ask them. In the meantime, I'd appreciate any advice or tips from anyone who may happen to be running an SG2 on their tuners, so I can try to get mine working.

    In case its of help to anyone, the ATF temperature vehicle codes SG supplied me were:

    TXD: 07E021D9
    RXF: 032180000000
    RXD: 2810
    MTH: 003004DFE70

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    hi mate i have a 2017 gxl and i just used these codes white one put up on another thread. The ATF temp comes up straight away on my car.


    torque convertor

    Txd o7dfo178
    Rxf 054106780000
    Rxd 3810
    Mth 0001000affd8

    TXD 07DF0178
    RXF 032100000000
    RXD 2010
    MTH 0001000AFFD8


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      I'd be awfully surprised if the 2015 fortuner differed from the 2016 (or 2017)! Perhaps they are talking about the previous diesel in the last generation hilux (up to 2015)?

      Try borgna's codes, I think that's what I'm using (can't check right now).

      You probably also want DPF Accumulation level (%):

      TXD: 07E02138
      RXF: 032104780000
      RXD: 4008
      MTH: 000200010000
      NAME: DPA (or whatever)

      And then there's the manual burn command. More details here:



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        Anthony , the codes that myself and Borgna put up work properly on all 2015+ Tunas. ATF is the pan sensor and TQC is in the torque convertor. I'd say that code he gave you is for the previous 5 speed box .
        2016 GX , in White


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          borgna / DAVEC; really appreciate the help with this & will give 'em a shot, thanks. (Interesting that your respective DPF codes differ.?)

          White One; never thought of that, but in the email I sent them, I did mention 2015 GX 2.8lt-TD, but not that it was an auto (if makes makes a difference?)

          Thanks to all. I hate things not working properly, & recently had a provent catch can & (wholesale autos) transmission cooler installed (although I don't tow) to try & minimise the chance of things going wrong. The SG2 is just another toy to help in this way of thinking. Will advise how I go...


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            borgna's 'DPF' guage is the DPF temperature, more accurately it's the Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) sensor nearest the DPF. The one I posted was the DPF accumulation level.

            Good luck!


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              borgna; your ATF codes worked no probs. "white one" was right, the SG bloke gave me the wrong code.


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                Hi all; I'm using the SC2 & been monitoring my ATF temperature. Typically on morning start up it reads (minus) -34 and after driving for a bit reads (minus) -31. Just wanting to ask if this is OK, & if the longer I drive the ATF temp will keep rising into the "positive" temperature readings. Oh, btw, I've a Wholesale Autos transmission cooler installed, if that makes a difference? (I'm a first time scangauge user).

                Going up to the Cape soon, & would like the bugs (if any) sorted out before hand. Comments / thoughts on the temp readings would be appreciated.


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                  there is something wrong with the codes if you are getting those readings. make sure you have entered this properly
                  Automatic Transmission Fluid ( ATF )
                  TXD 07E02182
                  RXF 046105820000
                  RXD 2808
                  MTH 00010001FFD8

                  then have another look
                  2016 GX , in White


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                    just double check that you have the correct amount of 0's etc mate because it should never read negative


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                      Thanks. Will double check the code & let you know.


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                        My stuff up! I had the MATH entry wrong. I entered 0FFD8 instead of 1FFD8. All good. The ATF reading after just driving around for 70 minutes was 66. Cheers & beers.


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                          It would of been good for you to have your scangauge before you installed your transmission cooler because you would see how much of a difference it makes. 66 degrees is nice and cool that’s a great figure


                          • Spook1205
                            Spook1205 commented
                            Editing a comment
                            Transmission would of been 86deg from my observation of before and after cooler

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                          Thanks all. It'll be interesting to see the ATF temp on our upcoming trip. We usually do over 6+ hrs p/day, with a couple of pit stops along the way before our overnight stays.

                          It's all preventative stuff for me with the catch can, transmission cooler, & the SG2 to help monitor things, do the occasional extra DPF burn & clear codes if I need to. I don't tow a caravan or camper etc, but hope to!!


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                            no worries , have a great time. We are going to the Cape again in July so while on long trips am always keeping an eye on everything.
                            2016 GX , in White