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Turn off keyless entry?

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  • Turn off keyless entry?

    Hey all,
    is there a way to turn off the keyless entry? Quite often I go surfing and leave the keys in a padlock box locked to the towbar. I can still unlock the car, but since I park at crowded spots Im hoping no one else knows that too....

    if I turn off keyless, I could use the actual key to open the car....


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    Hi Matt, I do it all the time when surfing, you take the key out and lock the door with the key. It disables the keyless entry, then put your small key in your surf lock and just check your door/ push button, etc, and all good to hit the waves. Cheers


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      Thanls Frazza! I didn't think you could lock the car with the remote inside. I will let the mrs know too.... She dropped the remote when running at the beach and didnt know for over 1km.

      thanks again.👍


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        i just pull the actual key out of the fob, and lock the fob in the car with the key... then just attach the key to the loop that is in pretty much every pair of boardies


        • Frazza
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          Editing a comment
          I'm too paranoid that it would get lost in the surf..... Surflock never let me down over last 10 years, even rusted up with white salt on it.