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Is there any downside to getting a Fortuner?

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  • Is there any downside to getting a Fortuner?

    My neighbour is looking to get a Prado but has a budget of 50K. He is tossing up between a GXL 2.8 or an older VX 3.0. Everything I have read says go the 2.8 ( except the DPF issue).

    He wants to tow a camper and not interested in serious off road stuff.

    But on the way we looked at a Fortuner. He is not fussed about it being a bit smaller than a Prado and it has the same motor. It has Lo range and the same tyres as a Prado 265 65 17. I guess the wheels are the same. They look the same.
    It looks like you can get second battery under the bonnet, snorkel, etc etc. It's clearance is 5mm more than the Prado and it has a rear diff lock. I know it is basically a wagon version of a hilux but that often doesn't mean much.

    He has always had toyota cars and wants a toyota.

    Is there a downside or something I am missing about the Fortuner, or is it a decent 4wd for someone touring Australia and not concerned about it being a bit smaller than a Prado.

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    Car size, fuel capacity & GVM is bigger in the Prado. I came from a Patrol to a Fortuner & these were noticeable. If sticking to highways & major towns, the smaller fuel tank won't bother him to much. I sorted my fuel issue by putting in a sub fuel tank, now 145 litres total. Packing smarter for trips helped with GVM, I've a camper trailer now so some of the weight in the car, is now in the camper.

    Regardless of brand, cars have problems of some type or other. Toyota's DPF the more reported problem. The Ford & Mazda 3.2 diesel also had issues.

    The VX Prado although slightly older, might give him more cabin creature comforts, bells & whistles, but he'll have to way all that up. A mate has a 2013 VX Prado & loves it. He tows a camper trailer, as well as ferrying around a dual horse float, riding gear etc. His daughters are into equestrian riding. From memory, I think the Fortuner engine specs a slightly better than the Prado, but stand to be corrected.