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Duel battery setup for Fortuner 2021

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  • Duel battery setup for Fortuner 2021

    Hi All
    I have purchased a new Fortuner and would like a
    duel battery setup for it I am Sydney anyone got any ideas
    people to used to get installed would be a help

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    I'd recommend sticking to the bigger brands like ARB, Opposite Lock, Battery World etc. I went to ARB as they were closest to me.

    On a trip there's usually an ARB shop somewhere close for questions, warranty & repairs. Had an issue on a trip to the NT, & after a phone call back to my local ARB installer, it got sorted in Alice Springs. There'll be places ARB aren't close so a local sparkie will do the job for you, but a call to ARB will help getting the ok for warranty repairs if need be.

    The only issue I had was that ARB said there wasn't much room in the engine bay & only put in a 55AH yellow top battery. Others on this forum have shoe horned in a 100AH. So push for the biggest battery you can get put in. Alternative being you can place the 2nd battery in the cargo area. Good luck.