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Aftermarket mods? Where to start?

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  • Aftermarket mods? Where to start?

    Hi all,

    I'm struggling to figure out what my car falls under.

    ARB on their website says their Fortuner accessories are listed as "TOYOTA FORTUNER (2015 – 2020)" and I am not sure what that means for a 2021 model. Do they have zero accessories?

    I know inside the door it says it is a V3. But the wikipedia doesn't even list a V3 yet.

    Some sites have ' till Current', but I am not sure if that means they just haven't updated for the Fortuner 2021 being a new model?

    Also. There seems to be a lot of references to the Fortuner just beinr a Hilux underneath. Does this mean that if something is for a 2021 Deseil Hilux SR5, it will work for the Fortuner Crusade 2021.

    It is all very confusing.

    Thank all for any help