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Detailed Technical Specifications for Fortuner

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  • Detailed Technical Specifications for Fortuner

    Been looking to buy a Fortuner & have been frustrated by the lack of technical specifications available for the Fortuner. (Also looked at Izuzu & Mitsubishi & they have excellent spec sheets). The sales brochures are very light on anything apart from some engine details, weights, dimensions etc but lots of info on the features etc.

    I was trying to find out a bit more about some off road type specs such as final drive & transfer case ratios, approach, departure & ramp over angles, overhangs etc. Tried asking sales people & looking on Toyotas website without any luck. Had some promises to "get back to me" with the info but never heard anything & just got vague excuses when I tried to follow it up. Anyway I finally found someone who got something for me & I thought it might be useful to share it with others who might be interested.

    The print out has information for each model (they're referred to as Low Standard & Middle rather than GX GXL or Crusade) & the RC61 is the manual transmission & AC60 the auto.

    Hope it's of some use.

    Fortuner Detailed Specs.pdf

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    Cheers GEO.