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Number 4 injector failure

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  • Number 4 injector failure

    hi guys

    so for the last 4 or so months I have been returning my fortuner to Toyota for excessive roll over noise, especially on cold start up.

    Initially, around the 5,000km mark,it was was diagnosed as a DPF issue so the 5th injector was cleaned and the remap done as per recall. This had no effect and I subsequently took the vehicle back to have it looked at again. They then said they couldn’t fault it.

    At the 10,000km service they again said they couldn’t fault it.

    By by the time 20,000kms rolled around I had had enough and kicked up a stink till they finally agreed there was an issue. They came back to me and said it was a defective thrust bearing that had mud contamination. Walked out to my car, started it,same noise. I walked straight back in and complained again. They advised me to launch a case with Toyota. Which I did.

    After a whole load of shit they finally allowed the service manager, who is a good bloke, to really look into it. Out of shear luck one of his techs had been to Toyota school to learn about injectors recently and he finally found the issue. The issue was found to be the number 4 injector.

    So toyota has replaced it but my concern is that because they won’t give me any further information there could be a long list of flow on effects depending on how it was failing. All that Toyota has said that if further issues arise it will be covered. Which to me is a shit response. I would’ve thought they would be ensuring that there were no other problems stemming from this but they just gave me a crap response.

    So so my question is: is anyone on here a Toyota tech that could shed some light on possible issues I might have going forward? And what is the best way to push these through Toyota?


    a person on the Facebook page told me you might be able to help?

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    Hi Daniel, injectors are not that common but I have heard a couple of failures.
    Hopefully the have disconnected battery or reset the ECU to wipe out the learned memory. I would think they did this but you never no.
    With all the issues of DPF and so many issues can make it fail I would say this would be your biggest concern. Everything else is pretty tough.
    It would be worth monitoring the DPF with something like a scangauge2. Keep an eye on EGT2 temp, DPF% and how many kms between regens.

    If you need more info just pm me your number and I’ll call you. There is a lot written about this subject as we have had a big learning phase and lots of discussions, there is several guys on here who have plenty of experience monitoring their DPF too.
    I have put a lot on paper for some Toyota guys so I can send some of that to you.
    Cheers, Luke


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      what did the noise sound like? could you hear it better if the engine cover was removed?
      2019 GX , in White


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        A few things to be aware of when you take the vehicle back to a dealer for warranty work is- (this is a management problem. Most techs / mechanics I deal with are awesome young guys)

        - only one or two guys in the workshop do any harder diagnostic work most techs generally spin filters, slap some pads. They cringe when put into express servicing.

        - techs get paid bonuses for doing the work faster than times allocated. So how do you think that works out for all the inspections on your service sheet.

        - any time spent on your car has to be then claimed and paid for by Toyota, so they don’t spend much time to sort your issue unless it’s a big problem. Cause they won’t get paid.

        - Its more of a case of they just don’t know what the fault is rather than fob you off cause the cost of the warranty is paid for by Toyota not the dealer.

        - up selling is a must if you need it or not. Bonuses at end of the month.

        Just some harsh truths of dealership world, they are all the same. In saying that I do know lots of great mechanics in dealerships with good work ethic but they are pushed by a money oriented management. I have heard the same stories for 13 years by every dealership apprentice.