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LED Lightbar wiring to Roof Rack

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  • LED Lightbar wiring to Roof Rack

    Hi All,

    I have a Rhino Rack Tradie rack and awning and am wanting to install light-bars front and rear. There is enough space to install the light-bars I am just wondering what anyone else has done with the wiring. Apart from cutting holes in the body (not a preferred option) is there any other alternatives that Tuner owners have used?

    For the front i was thinking of running the wiring up the windscreen channel on drivers side behind snorkel but there does not seam to be anywhere to mount it or stick it to. I don't want to run a strip of 100mile an hour tape up my car to hold it in place

    For the rear it would appear that the option would be to just run the wires from the rear light wiring harness at the back of the rear door and then just run the wiring between the body and the door

    Any help be greatly appreciated


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    i used the tailgate seal to cover the wiring run , no problem
    2019 GX , in White


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      Can you post some pictures please. I'm trying to avoid having the wiring being jammed in the tailgate when it gets closed, but I cant see another way around it without without drilling holes in the roof. The Rhino Rack backbone is already bolted to all of the holes the roof rails utilized


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        the wiring wont get jammed in the tailgate , the rubber seal is not fully compressed when the tailgate is closed and there is enough gap there between the tailgate and body.
        2019 GX , in White


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          Agree with White One about running the wiring in the tailgate. If you want, you can run the wire along the length of the tradie rack, to service both the front & rear lights. You can use switches front & back to operate both lights independently. I did similar with my Patrol years ago (sorry no pics; traded the Patrol on the Tuner).


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            Anyone get any pictures of the wiring?