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Jayco Reverse Camera install - where to run cables

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  • Jayco Reverse Camera install - where to run cables

    Has anyone wired up their own Jayco reverse camera kit in their Fortuner?
    I am good with all the connections and wiring, but just unsure where people physically run the cables...

    How / where did you run the cable from the back of the car to get to the dashboard (underneath external and where did you enter the cabin), and then the cable up to the rear view mirror from the dashboard (was it behind the left pillar and how do you get in there with the airbag?).

    Photos would be awesome if anyone has them...


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    you can buy wireless camera conversion kits on ebay , they plug into the video cables and use a 2.4Ghz transmitter , which needs power at each end. They work well with no interference normally.

    getting up to the rear view mirror is easy , you remove the grab handle , pop off the trim and run cables under it . no interference to the airbags , which stop fairly high up the A pillar anyway. from there you can slightly lift away the headlining and run your monitor cables under that. Same for the tailgate the roof lining will drop down slightly to allow a cable run
    2016 GX , in White


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      Try this. They work well. Has a dash switch to switch between reverse and Caravan.
      Plug and play


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        They look good thanks, lucky I haven't installed my Jayco Camera as yet so maybe I will do this instead.


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          I've bought that dual camera kit for my hilux, but haven't got around to fitting it yet (plan to run a front camera for offroad). Already have their reverse camera switch that allows you to have the rear camera on at anytime. If you only want a camera on the back of your camper, maybe a plug at the rear camera so you can unplug the camera on the car & plug in the camera on the camper & use the reverse camera switch i mentioned.
          its only $89 & works well.