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Dual battery vs battery box

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  • Dual battery vs battery box

    Gday team,
    was looking at putting a dual battery into my new rig, and then i came across an engel battery box. Basically you put a battery into it, and you can charge your devices, run fridges etc. Charging is either through your car or gennie, or solar.

    Couple of questions though. Has anyone had experience with a similar set up? There are a few different brands out there. Could it be a better option than a dual battery, simply because you can remove it after every trip?

    All i will be running on it will be a 75l waeco fridge freezer, led tent light strips, a couple of fans, and charging of the ususal suspects.

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Mate, I did exactly that this time around. Bought myself the PROJECTA Power Hub and have to say I reckon it's awesome. No longer carrying the extra weight around everyday and provides all the power we need (as a camping family of up to 6 sometimes) to charge tablets, phones and run the fridge. Much more convenient solution IMO.



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      Do you charge yours via solar?


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        Originally posted by Simmo05 View Post
        Do you charge yours via solar?
        Yep out camping I do, then at home I charge it via a float charge to keep the battery in good condition.


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          I installed cabling from the battery to an Anderson plug in the back. From that I attach a BCDC charger to charge the AGM battery. Mine is all enclosed in a cheap battery box. Anderson plugs on top for fridge etc.
          Works well. Also saves fuel not having the BCDC working when not needed during the week


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            I have a dual setup, 2nd battery under bonnet (105ah) redarc dcdc charger under bonnet, Anderson plug under bonnet for solar input, 2 cigarette point flush in the boot (fridge and camp lights) and a 800w inverter in the rear all professionally fitted and to top it off off Bluetooth battery monitor linked to my smart phone.


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              I bought an engle battery box for our christmas trip to the sunny coast. Very happy with it. Also got a 160w solar panel which kept it topped up during the day. Gcfortuner, how much did your setup cost? Wouldnt mind having it so the fridge can stay in the car, and the box can stay in the tent to power and charge everything else. Going to do the big lap (or a part of it! ) in april so any advice will help, cheers!!