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STEDI light bar install

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  • STEDI light bar install

    Hi All

    Thought I would share my STEDI light bar install

    I choose the double 22inch light bar due to its size as it fitted very well on the bullbar and also came with the complete wiring kit to attach to the high beam and also the connection to the battery terminals.

    I also purchased a push button Toyota style

    You will need a few things for the install:
    • Wire cutters
    • Soldering iron and solder
    • cable ties
    • Shrink wrap for the solder joints
    • Some protective cable conduit
    • electrical tape
    • Some additional electrical cable ( for extending the HB3 STEDI white part connector )
    • Thin fish wire or something to be able run cable
    • Tools
    • Torch
    • Disconnect the battery
    • First thing was to mount the light bar and I choose to use the slider mounts as STEDI provide two kinds, the slider ones fitted fine and I like the look on them compared to the side mounts.
    • I choose to connect the STEDI light bar harness to the passenger side light as its closer to the battery, however my entry point via the engine bay firewall was through the drivers side, this was just in my opinion the easiest method.
    • The next step was to locate and decide how to connect the cabling for the light bar to the high beam connector.
      • I choose to come from the bottom of the light via the rubber grommet , there was a very small hole that had a cut pice of wire already there already, not sure if that was intentional from Toyota.
    • I had to cut the STEDI provided HB3 adapter ( white connector cable , in the middle ), this was so I could install most of the connectors inside the Toyota closed high beam light compartment once I had soldered some additional cable.
    • Next was to solder the additional electrical cable to the cut HB3 white connector cables, I extended it by 90 - 120 centimetre ( not 100% sure the exact length ). This was so I could easily work with the cable when I run it through the rubber grommet from underneath the high beam light compartment.
    • Did the solder job and used the shrink wrap n the solder joints for protection, I then feed the wire through the rubber grommet and pulled it through, was not to hard.
    • I then soldered back on the white connector from the cut HB3 light adapter and also the other part of the adapter cable as well, so now it was just an extended STEDI HB3 wiring harness.
    • Next was to disconnect the Toyota OEM cable from the High beam on the STEDI HB3 adapter wiring harness, its best to just take out the highbeam light bulb, very eay, just turn it to one side and it comes off. This was its easier to work with the Toyota high beam connector as well as putting all the other STEDI cables inside the high beam compartment.
    • Once you connect the STEDI HB3 connector to the High beam light bulb and put the cables in the compartment, you can now reconnect the High beam bulb and close off the compartment with the cap that you took off.
    • I then connected the provided battery terminals to the battery and connected everything up. At this stage I have not yet connected the fuse to the provided Toyota accessories fuse box ( next job )
    • the STEDI light beam harness that cam with the light bar has a long cable that you need to run through the car firewall and then decide where you want to place the on off switch. I choose to run this cable through the drivers side firewall and I run the STEDI cable all the way around the back of the firewall and nice and neat behind some additional Toyota cabling which I later cable tied to keep it neat and also so it does not move.
    • To get though the engine bay drivers side firewall grommet, I cut the little exposed rubber teat as this provides a mechanism to enter the inside of the car. I used some thin plastic fish wire, just be careful as this is where your main loom comes in from the engine bay.
    • STEDI had a switch connected to the cable, so I took a photo first of the connections to the switch and then disconnected the cables from the switch.
    • I then staggered them about centimetre a part from each other going down the fish wire and made sure when tapping the connectors the electrical tape was smooth with no sharp edges exposed.
    • I then push the fish wire through the rubber grommet opening I had cut , so through the rubber teat. It actually when thrugh very easily and was very simple then to pull through the rest of the slack cable.
    • I then disassembled the fish wire from the cable and reconnected the connectors back to the STEDI switch that I took off earlier and had a photo of.
    • Make sure the light-bar is connected to the STEDI harness.
    • Now it was time to test the light bar and make sure when you selected high beam it worked.
    • If that worked, now its time to decide if you did purchase the Toyota push button, where you want to place that. I decided to place mine under the aircon / fan switch as there are a few spare blanks there in my GX.
    • Reason to not install the button first , is due to you having to do another solder job.
    • To get the blanking plate out, I had a small hook type of tool and be careful not to be to forceful as you can scratch and damage the area around the blanking plate. I am not sure if drilling a screw in the centre and pulling on this was a better idea, will leave it up to you
    • once out, I then used a torch for the best entry point to push the fish wire from the front of the button through to the back, just be careful when doing this as there are other wires in the area and also it is useful to have someone helping out on this if you can.
    • Once you get your fish wire through you disconnect the cable connectors from the STEDI provide d with and also cut the connectors off at this stage. Then tape the wires to the fish wire and make sire again its nice and smooth, then pull the fish wire back and this will pull the cale for the switch though the blanking plate hole. I found that I did not have a-lot of cable to work with, however it was enough.
    • No you need to strip the cable and solder the wires from the STEDI harness to the push button wires. STEDI have changed there wiring recently, however there is a video on youtube on how todo this.
    • From memory ( Push button side wiring ) , I think the black goes to the black, blue is not used from the push button and the green is to blue and red is to white. You can first connect them up and test before you solder, just make sure you have some shrink wrap on first and then you can use this as a divider while testing.
    • The black wire is for the illumination of the push button just so you know
    • Once tested and confirmed to be working, you can do a proper solder job, I had a cloth or town over the gear stick and cup holder, just so no solder was dropped on the interior surface.
    • Once soldered and shrink wrapped, you can test first and then once working , push the button into place.

    I think that about covers the install , good luck to anyone else how gives it a go