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Digital Radio Issues with UHF radio installed

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  • Digital Radio Issues with UHF radio installed


    In the past year or so I have been having digital radio issues, sometimes it will show as no signal or just not play any sound from 30 sec to a few min.

    So I decided to take it back to my CMI dealer and advise them of the problem, they took it for a drive test and would you know it, it worked like there was no fault, we even went where it always cuts out.
    They agreed to see if they can get me a replacement head unit.

    Well a few weeks later, after calling them, I have been told that my UHF radio interferes with the signal, yes even when it is switched off .
    I tried to get an explanation as to how this would happen even switched off, but didn't get a satisfying response.

    So my question to you guys/gals have you heard of anything like this, to me it sounds like crap.

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    Not quite the same problem but a tiny bit similar in my Patrol (but not a digital radio). With both the car radio and UHF on, I was getting a static noise. A mate came for a drive and suggested turning off the car radio but leaving the UHF on. Problem solved. He then said hard wiring the UHF directly to the car battery would eliminate the chance of it happening. He always wires his UHF to the battery. But, knowing what caused it, I just left it.

    Same Patrol. I had an aftermarket cruise control fitted to it when I bought it new. With cruise control on, & if I was using the wipers when raining, the cruise control would de-activate on its own. An installer from the cruise control company came to suss it out. He said the cruise control under the bonnet was installed to close to the wiper's control mechanism, causing interference and disengaging the cruise control. He remounted the cruise control a few inches away from the wiper's control mechanism & that fixed it.

    This info may not help in your case, but it's a couple of examples of how touchy electrical things in cars can be and what I've experienced. Try direct wiring the UHF to the car's battery (with an in-line fuse). If it works, woo hoo. If not, you've tried to eliminate the UHF as the possible cause. Good luck