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Projecta idc25 install

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  • Projecta idc25 install

    Hi guys I’ve recently installed a projecta Power hub and IDC 25 dc-dc charger. I ran heavy duty twin cable to rear and connected to positive and negative of crank battery. I’ve read you should run negative to chassis to use the cars current sensor, which I can’t see anywhere. Also I connected the blue wire (ignition sensor) to the cig plug in rear. The dc-dc charger isn’t getting to bulk charge (14.4v). It’s maintained 13.6v which is float charge. Has anyone else installed the same charger and done it successfully. I’d love to hear how you have done it, as there is a huge variance of success across a lot of forums.

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    Give Projecta a call on 1800 422 422 their technical assistance team are very good.

    Assume you have connected the positive of the crank battery to the 'Alt' (Red) cable of the DCDC.

    If you have connected the negative of the crank battery to the negative of the aux battery AND the 'Ground' (brown) from the DCDC to the negative aux battery, then it has been connected to the chassis via the crank battery.

    If your aux battery is full, could be why you are only getting a float charge.

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