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Rear Seat Belt Warning lights

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  • Rear Seat Belt Warning lights

    Hi all,

    Has anyone experienced the rear seat belt warning lights staying on continuously?

    They are suppose to time out after about 30 sec or when its reaches 25k's but. As they work with the doors (no seat sensors) I think it gets confused. Sometimes it works fine other times I can be driving for over 30 minutes with my kid in the back seat & it stays on (no buzzer just lights). Her belt sign switches off but the other 2 stay on until I switch engine off and on then comes good.I have spoken to the dealer and they can't fault but will look into to it further for me.
    The other annoying thing is if she changes seats the warning buzzer goes off and will not switch off until that empty seat has the seat belt clipped in or the door opened & closed or cycling of the engine off/on.

    All feed back/experience is welcome and if it is a issue with others Toyota can raise a fix

    Cheers John

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    Have just started monitoring the same issue, seems to be staying on same as you described.


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      My GX; I had a full car & everyone wearing seat belts, then for some reason the rear 3 red seat beat lights come on the dash, & the chimes started happening. They chimes stopped & the dash lights went off after 20-ush seconds. Stuffed if I know what caused it, but its only happened the once. This was about 2-3 months ago.

      I will mention it at the next service end of November.


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        Poor design. the system doesn't work with pressure on the seats but with the door opening then times out. If a belt is fastened and then released and re fastened again the system can get confused.
        If they decide to slide over and use another seat belt, the system thinks that they are still seated there triggers the warning. Only way to stop the warning is to restart engine or buckle the seat belt


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          i just checked the wiring diagrams , and no seat pressure sensors fitted , as stated , for the rear seats.
          however all the rear seat belt indicators and lamps can be disabled by unplugging the small white connector at each side hinge.
          2019 GX , in White