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UHF RJ45 Pass Through Install

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  • UHF RJ45 Pass Through Install

    About to install a UHF radio, but wanted a super neat out of the way install.

    Just purchased the Oricom UHF380M Radio which is perfect for what I need, I’m going to mount it behind the glovebox out of sight and close to the penetration into the engine bay. Don’t have a bull bar so have purchased the bonnet hinge mount from Buds Customs which should make for a very sweet aerial install too.

    To this finish it off, I’ve purchased a RJ45 pass-through to put in the dash so I can remove the hand piece and store in the console when not it use.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG-7288.jpg Views:	0 Size:	221.8 KB ID:	20876

    So question is, what’s the best way to get the blanks out of the dash to insert this? Do I need to remove the centre console and leather side panels to access this one...

    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG-7284.jpg Views:	0 Size:	394.8 KB ID:	20877

    This is my preferred location as I would take power from the cig socket for the light in the RJ45 connector. There is another blank near the drivers door, but it's not my preferred option, alternatively I could use one of the spare slots near the centre console.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Its best to take out the soft panels to access that area , saves you scratching them and the job easier to install. Start by gripping the vent around the clock with both hands , then pull backwards. Then grab the soft side bits top and bottom , then pull backwards. Reverse procedure to install.
    As for the ciggy lighter wires , they were aluminium on early models and are now copper on the later models. The aluminium wire is hard to solder so you need to attach a 6mm lug to the nut on the back of the ciggy socket. If its copper then just solder away.
    2016 GX , in White


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      OK, thanks White One, was successfully able to remove the vent cover and the two side panels to open up that area and take a look. I thought it would be easy to then get my hand/fingers round the back and push that blank out, but no such luck, the ciggy lighter and USB connection crowd the left side and you can't reach it from the right side.

      Now that I have those panels off what is the easiest way to get that blank out? Some YouTube videos I've watched just popped them straight out with little pressure from the back. It looked possible, but surely I don't need to pull the NAV/Radio and climate control panels off as well??? I'd break something for sure that being the case.

      Ciggy socket didn't seem to have a nut at the back just a plastic connector with the wires running into it. Thoughts


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        those blanks normally do just pop out , some might need more effort than others. They push in so will also push out. The radio surround does pull out , if you grab them from each side it should be ok , and same for the one below that.
        with the ciggy lighter , yours looks like its different to mine so disregard what i said . probably best to splice directly into the ciggy power wire with a scotchlock. Pinkish colour from memory.
        2016 GX , in White