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Left high beam & spotlights not working

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  • Left high beam & spotlights not working

    Hi All,

    My 2016 GXL has spotlights wired tapped into the back of the left-hand High beam light globe, with a typical spotlight wiring harness install with relay and switch, previously working fine.
    Now the spotlights and the Left high beam globe have stopped working.

    interestingly the instrument cluster high beam light now doesn't come on (even when the Right-hand high beam is turned on), I assume this is just joined to the Left high beam only.

    I have checked
    • Fuses in the engine bay and all high beam related ones are fine.
    • Fuses in the spotlight wiring harness are also fine.
    • I have inspected the globe and it also doesn't look broken/burnt out.

    Are there any other high beam related fuses inside the car cabin?



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    Headlights RHD with connectors.pdf

    here is the wiring diagram , fault could be in the LH headlight relay , if the fuses are fine. try swapping the relays over to see if the fault moves to the opposite side
    2016 GX , in White


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      Thanks all sorted now, the left high beam fuse wasn't seated correctly and causing the spotties to not work through their relay. all sorted.


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        ok , good to hear it was something easy to fix. Toyota wiring systems are one of the best around , ive not heard of bad joints and corroded contacts like all the European cars nowadays
        2016 GX , in White


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          where abouts is the fuse for the left headlight?
          Coincidentally, I'm just now having a similar issue in that the light bar isn't always coming on at the first flick of the switch.


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            the left headlight fuse is in the box next to the battery. check the diagram i posted above for the exact designation , each beam and side has its own fuse
            2016 GX , in White


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              Thanks whiteone. I'll have a look today.