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  • Front parking sensors

    Hi guys

    I've got a crusade anyone have an idea if the wiring for front parking sensors existed in front wiring harness?
    Or if Toyota sell a kit $$$ possible aftermarket?
    The wife thinks once the vehicle hits the brick wall you can then close the roller door lol.


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    Hi Lozza,

    I believe Toyota can install a kit but I think it might cost you around 500 bucks.


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      Ralf Thanks, That's steep might shop around


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        Bringing back this old thread as I asked on last Friday for the front parking sensors and they are still not sold as an original option for the Fortuner.

        So, the sales person took me to the "ming mole" that would organise aftermarket sensors at $595. I objected the price and she said that that price would cover front and rear sensors... but the Tuner has back sensors I replied, then she said that the aftermarket kit was for front and rear and the originals would be replaced for this kit... what???


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        should be standard


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          Actually, front parking sensors are standard across the range on Fortuners in Malaysia (and probably other markets as well). When I took delivery of my SRZ (same as Crusade) last year, I found them already installed, which I wasn't aware of at the time of ordering. I believe they are a kit, as there wasn't a mention of them in the owner's manual, but the Toyota salesman did provide me with a separate user manual for the system, just like you would get in a kit. Maybe there is a kit part number on the manual - will have to look. Have attached part of the spec sheet for the 2018 Fortuner in Malaysia, showing that front and read sensors are standard across the range, as stated by Borgna above.

          I will check under my car when I can and see if the 2 front sensors plug into the main harness or a separate 'accessory' harness, which will indicate if it is a complete stand-alone kit, or maybe just parts that can be added to the main harness. I'm not near my Fortuner at the moment - it is in Malaysia and I am currently working away in Turkey. But I'm flying home on vacation to Brisbane in 2 weeks time, and will be in Penang about a week after that, so will check it out at that time and report my findings back here. If it appears to be a stand-alone kit, will try and get some part number info out of the parts guys there, although to date I haven't found them very useful with this sort of thing. Fingers crossed...

          Click image for larger version

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            Thanks for this info, quite interesting! I look forward to reading your findings.

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          I had a look to the Fortuners offered in Malaysia. It’s standard over there the Headlamps (Type) Automatic Bi-LED Projector, Daytime Running Lights and Front and Rear Parking Sensors. These are three of the features I would like to have in my GXL.

          It’s unfair that Toyota doesn’t offer this in Australia!


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            These guys do it for around 320



            • j.a.
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              Looks good but I might have to drive a bit from Brisbane to Brunswick ;-)

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            Well, am in Penang at the moment, so have been under the bonnet and under the car. Unfortunately, not good news for those holding out for a kit - the wiring for the front sensors is actually part of the main engine bay harness, not a separate harness. Adjacent to each headlamp, the main harness splits out into 4 smaller bundles. The front sensor wiring comes out of the same junction. Have confirmed in the parts catalog that the engine bay harness installed in my car is a different part number to the harness installed in Aussie Fortuners. The catalog shows that my harness is used in Fortuners in 4 different markets, but doesn't say what the other markets are. Sorry guys, no kit - it's actually part of the factory build.


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              If, the purpose of the parking sensor is ONLY for your own garage then a simple (and cheaper) solution would be something like this.

              It’s a horrible moment – the crunch when you reverse a bit too far. Attach this 8H x 6W x 3D cm ultrasonic sensor to the garage wall and i...


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                Located this site which appears to be what we are after, may even simply plug into existing harness and display unit.
                Any suggestions/comments welcome and appreciated before I spent the dollars.


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                  Ambo , I took a look at that site it does appear to be what will fit ours. Ive added our radio wiring diagrams if it helps you. Audio system with connectors.pdf
                  2016 GX , in White