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Toyota Accessory Fuse Box

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  • Toyota Accessory Fuse Box

    Can anyone give me some insight as to how you connect into these accessory fuse boxes?
    I'm presuming these don't come factory in every Tuna and was fitted with the Towbar package I got.

    I'm thinking there must be some crimp on extra you buy to push up into it?
    Had a look on newhilux and online with no luck. Cheers in advance.

    On a side note they look really clean. Rather than the homemade "daisy chain' fuse box I was going to make.


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      The accessory fuse box is fitted to all Fortuners.

      The connectors should have been left in the glove box for you. If not, you should ask your dealer.
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        Here it is...


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          Yeah ok. Thought I was missing something.
          Will try get some Monday.


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            Originally posted by Kiat View Post
            Here it is...
            I was wondering what this was in my glove box!

            So what are these connectors used for??


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              These are spare wire crimp connectors for the accessories fuse box, in case we want to add more electrical accessories that require fuses, like the photos uploaded by Dubsee above.


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                I had to call Toyota Spare Parts to be told "We don't have the fuse box crimp connectors for sale" but after mentioning the forum and above info, as I never got the spare connectors in the glove box. To his credit the spare parts chap actually bothered to contact Toyota and located the item code:

                "Fitting Kit: Fuse Bx PZQ85-89670" and I ordered two of them - 6 connectors in each kit and cost ~$20 each kit...

                Word of warning, a 25AMP 4mm cable only just fits the crimp.... and I think its really for 3mm 15AMP cables... does fit very easily and it allows a 'factory' fuse box fitment and lid to go on nicely (unlike the piggy back fuse holders in some tight spaces... I have seen plenty of empty connector holder (eg. under passenger side footwell cover) but these are not powered so you need to run a cable form the battery but all use the same crimp on connector I think. .


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                  I gave up on my Toyota Accessory fuse box as the toyota bayonet fittings kept rattling lose or having inadequate current flow for eg. driving lights. Realized a high current (LED driving light) application would not ever work reliably. Got a Blueseas 12V fuseblock with neg bus and installed it using the factory positive cable and negative cable and a simple bracket fitting - now I have reliable screw down connectors... and my LED lights work.


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                    Finally some photos of the fuseblock. Screw down terminals and LED lights function great now. Made up the bracket myself but its 'too permanent' and needs to have bolt nut undone to remove the bracket to get to the chassis earth now.... didn't think that one through...


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                      well done , I used to run the Blueseas fusebox in my boat but found the terminals still corroded near salt air so had to go to individual waterproof fuses. In your case i would spray everything exposed with silicone grease to reduce corrosion. Or even better use transformer winding insulation spray if you can find it.

                      what do you run off the red rocker switch?
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