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  • Auxiliary battery tray

    Any ideas if the 2015 HILUX aux battery tray is compatible with Fortuner chassi or need some drilling?

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    As long as its the in-engine bay version, not an under tray model it will fit. Last time i looked there was genuine toyota with redarc electrics for $800ish without a battery or a piranha brand for $200 ish with no battery or electrics. Just be warned that the piranha version requires a special tool to attach threaded lugs to the body. If you know someone with the tool then all good, if not they retail for around $100 so it makes the price go up a lot.

    I bought a large battery tray from super cheap auto, drilled 2 extra holes in it and made 2 spacers and 1 support leg. Its rock solid and cost me less than $50. It will do until a few more companies make after market trays and the price gets reduced.


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      Thanks deeman.


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        What's the deal with a battery isolator?

        I read recently that a standard isolator like the red arc SBI12 isolator that I had on my last Patrol won't work on the Fortuner.

        Any idea which redarc isolator comes with the genuine Toyota setup?


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          I don't think it's the SBI12 isolator. The Redarc BCDC isolator / DC-DC charger, according to Redarc, they currently have not confirmed whether HILUX / Fortuner uses variable voltage alternator. They have advised to use the 'LV' or 'IGN' version to be on safe side.


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            This is video regarding Piranha AOC (not related to Redarc), has reference to variable alternator voltage output.. Hilux 05 onwards among some vehicles mentioned.
            Skip to 6:14mins


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              Received e-mail from Piranha about battery tray for Fortuner if anyone was looking for them. (Not on their web site yet).
              "Good news the aux battery tray is done and available at $215 part number BTH15 !"


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                I have ARB's Hilux under bonnet battery tray installed in my Crusade with the Redarc LV BCDC. All working fine. ARB say to use a N70 battery, I couldn't get it to fit and had to go down a size in battery. Had issues clearing the fuse and relay boxes while angling the battery into position.


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                  Hi gary and welcome to the forum!

                • Kiat
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                  Thanks Gary for the update and welcome to the forum.

                  Can you show us a photo of the tray ?

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                Guys, I just checked Piranha's website they have Toyota Fortuner battery tray listed now...

                Link BTH15F


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                  Good to see it has the top brace too. Will take a bit of stress off the guard.


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                    I had Piranha install my dual battery, ACdelco 97AH Battery, Piranha isolator DBE140S, 2 extra sockets in the rear, one being an Engel screw type, same for ARB fridges, an Anderson plug at the rear, 10mm cable. Same battery tray as Hilux as the Fortuner is basical a Hilux wagon. Had a Redarc Elite barake controller added and 12 pin wiring at back for caravans. Fuses on top are for the extra 12 volt outlets in the

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	P1220068.jpg
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                      Nice setup, the piranha fits nicely under that bracket, neat 😀 👍

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                      Hi John, what size battery is that? Is it an N70?

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                      Hi john. Just wondering how much all of that cost you (including labour) as I am looking to do the same setup.

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                    Sorry for the delay, a couple of pics of my aux battery install. ARB's Hilux battery tray, redarc LV charger, Ultimate 80 AH agm. (other wiring on start battery is for winch...)

                    Click image for larger version

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                      Hi Gary,

                      What do you think the chances of squeezing a bigger battery in are?

                      I had a read of a thread on the Hilux forum that was also talking about the genuine Toyota setup and one guy managed to squeeze in an N70ZZ battery into the Piranha tray but said it was really hard work. I was wondering if there is a subtle difference with our engine bay setup which means it won't fit.


                      Still 80Ah isn't a bad start.

                      Thanks for the pictures.

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                      • gary
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                        ARB claim a N70 size fits. I bought a N70 but couldn't get it to fit without some major removal of electrical fuse and relays. Swapped the battery for the slightly smaller 80AH which only required unbolting and wiggling the fuse and relay boxes.

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                      Is it possible to mount a battery in the cargo area? Or would it kill to much space?


                      • Kiat
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                        Depends how much you need to carry behind. You'll want a sealed battery, a battery box anchored to the floor, and a thick gauge cable run to the back, and don't forget the BMS (and wiring) be close to the battery.

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                      Hi all, has any one mounted an arb air compressor yet or looking at mounting one under bonnet. Im yet to get a dual battery system as looking at all tray designs to try and incorporate one somewhere, somehow next to the batt. tray near firewall. Looks like from some pics there might not be a lot of room.