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How to adjust auto headlight sensitivity

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  • How to adjust auto headlight sensitivity

    Stolen from

    So don't be upset if you don't get it the first time.

    1) switch ignition to on
    2) make sure dimmer switch is in lowbeam and not pushed forward into constant high beam
    3) turn light switch onto parker setting

    4) turn ignition off
    5)Hold headlights into highbeam
    6)While highbeam is pulled on, turn to headlight than back to parker ( not auto) 5 times

    7)Release high beam
    ( the headlamps will flash in relation to what setting they are currently set on. It should flash 3 times with the setting being 0 )( if they don't flash you and not in the settings.)

    8) Hold highbeam on again and turn between headlight and parker setting.

    The number of times you turn it will vary the sensitivity.
    Once -40
    Twice -20
    Three 0
    Four +20
    Five +40

    9) Once you have turned between headlamps and parker for your desired preference release the highbeam.

    The headlamps will flash for the number that you have selected.

    And once it flashes say once, you are all complete

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    That's interesting 👍 ...will give it a try.

    But it looks more like setting default beam angle than sensitivity.
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      Originally posted by Kiat View Post
      That's interesting 👍 ...will give it a try.

      But it looks more like setting default beam angle than sensitivity.
      Yep, would be good with anyone who has a lift kit!

      Would be best to park a few meters behind your garage door for leveling


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        Tried the process to adjust headlights today and it worked fine .... But it must only adjust the light/night sensitivity as the focal point of the lights hasn't changed.
        Is there a physical adjustment (ie. screw type) on the headlights as mine are too high and I keep getting oncoming drivers flashing their lights at me to indicate my lights are on high beam - which they are not!


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          This only changes headlight sensitivity.

          This does not adjust the headlight aim/throw. For GX variants there is actually a manual switch in the car that adjusts headlight aim.


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          I have a GX, find the headlights a disappointment, after a trip to QLD, travelling at night and early mornings, without additional Led Lights, would have been hazardous, many Roo's. so I will try the above, otherwise look at changing globes, any other suggestions.


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            I was constantly getting flashed by other drivers in my Crusade so I spoke to my local dealership who manually adjusted my headlights during the 10K service.
            Apparently there is some manual adjustment on the auto levelling models (to be honest I haven't noticed any difference.)


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              To adjust the headlight level, lift the bonnet and using an 8mm spanner, turn the nut on the back of each headlight. Check the level by shining the lights on a garage door and it's easy to see which way to turn the nut.