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Automatic Side Mirror Fold

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  • Automatic Side Mirror Fold

    Stolen from but works as described on the Fortuner.

    I've done this particular mod on my Fortuner and works just fine. The mirrors will fold in automatically when you lock the car. Mirrors fold as normal when Ignition is switched to ACC/ON.

    All parts are available from Jaycar.
    Jaycar part numbers
    12v relay SY4059
    12v latching relay SY4060
    Case HB6065
    Fuse holder SZ2046
    Cable WH3025
    Circuit board HP9540

    Wiring schematic attached
    Click image for larger version

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    I've uploaded a short video here of it in action -
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      Nice work mate!



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        This also works apparently hahaha


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          Has anyone else tried this on their fortuner..... Made one up and connected to my crusade but blew the fuse straight up. I was dubious about my soldering so made another board up.... Installed it and same thing?
          Ran out of time today so its tomorrows job.....

          Any thoughts on it?
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            Can you post a picture of your wiring to the harness as well as to the relays? Perhaps I can help diagnose the problem. I doubt the Crusade model is any different when it comes to the 5 wires you need to tap into ... it should work just like it does on mine (GX model)


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              I just showed the sparky here at work...... The circuit board i used is copper plated and the opposite terminals are on the same copper strip..... Bwahahaaaaaaa..... Didnt even pay attention to that bit!!
              Looks like im headn to jaycar to buy more parts tomorrow!!


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                Made another board up.... Wired it up..... NOTHING. Mirrors work as normal but locking does nothing.
                There are 3 options:
                1- dont bother anymore.....
                2- buy the module (in case its my circuit thats wrong)
                3- keep preserving......



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                  Take a picture if your wiring... I'll try to help out.

                  Out of curiosity, can you hear the relay's clicking when you lock the door? You'll need to quite close to it to hear it.


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                    The blue, orange, browns next to each other are soldered together on the same pin.

                    Im here alone so cant lock car from the inside.....


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                        I don't think you've got it wired up correctly.

                        For the latching relay
                        - The black and the yellow wire on the latching relay belong on the C pin (this is the 3rd column of pins)
                        - The orange and the brown wire on the latching relay belong on the NC pin (this is the 4th column of pins)
                        - The red and the (other) brown wire belong on the NO pin (this is the 5th column of pins)
                        - So swap the black and the brown and the yellow and the orange

                        For the other relay
                        - The blue wire that goes to ground belongs on the C pin (the 2nd column of pins)
                        - The blue wire that goes to the latching relay belongs on the NC pin (3rd column of pins)
                        - So swap the 2 blue wires around

                        I think you've taken the wiring diagram and used that to wire it up without looking how the switch/relays operates.

                        Let me know how you go, I hope that helps.


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                          Ahhhhh ok......
                          Its the first circuit Ive made. I looked up the relay diagram off the net and thought i had it right.

                          I could just swap like you said but the electrician at work is going to show/help me more tonight.....
                          Even he said Im better off fixing mechanical things and leaving electrical things to him.... Lol


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                            Traded the Fortuner in so I have an ebay module for sale $50.00, also have a Redarc Tow Pro Switch Panel Insert $10.00 Eastern Melbourne area.
                            PM me if interested.


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                              Hi All,
                              Can anyone please tell me where I’m going wrong? I realise this is different from the schematics, I’ve also tried that way aswell and haven’t found it to work. If you were to flip this over it would be the same as the schematics.