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    Does anyone else with a power back door (boot) know if you can activate the power back door (opening with motor) by pressing the button at the handle? I know you can get it to open the door via the remote or the button under the dash. There is quite a bit of friction opening the door manually and it's a pain if you are camping and don't always want to use the remote.

    I read the manual but it's a bit unclear if it should open via motor when you use the handle.


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    Yes of course. there are buttons. take a closer look. they are on the underside so just go by feel (not sight)
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      Thanks 4Tuner. I've used the buttons under the handle to open the boot, but it does not then open by itself with the motor. I need to keep pushing it up to open. Does yours open with the motor without you pushing it?

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    There are 2 buttons, one will lock the car and the other should automatically open the boot. Just to make sure I understand correctly, if you press the button on the boot it wont auto lift up, but pressing the remote it will auto lift up?


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      Hi Fox, there are two rubber buttons underneath the handle on the back door. The rectangle button (middle) opens the door, and the round bulge (next to it) locks/unlocks all car doors.

      To use the rectangle button, first you need to enable/activate it, by un-pressing the PWR DOOR OFF button located under the dashboard. You will know this when you see bright orange coloured surrounds visible around the PWR DOOR OFF button when it is NOT pressed (activated).

      With that button activated, all you need to do is press the rectangle rubber button under the handle on the back door for 2 secs to open it using the motor.
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        thanks all for the replies. By the sound of it, something is broken on my boot door. It has never opened automatically (using motor) by pressing the rectangular handle for 2 sec. I have checked the power door button under the dash has been activated.

        I'll take it to the dealer to check it out.

        Thanks everyone.


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          With the car locked you need to use a two step process to open the rear door, (such as in the supermarket carpark).

          From outside the vehicle, you cannot open the rear door unless you first unlock the car.

          The first press on the rear door rubber button unlocks the car.
          Now you must wait 3 seconds and then press the door button again for 2 or more seconds.
          You'll get hazard light flashing and a reversing alarm sound as the door opens.

          The same process applies to using the key fob. Unlock first then open rear door.

          If the car is has been unlocked for approx. 10 seconds or more, then a single quick press on the rear door rubber button will suffice to open the rear door.


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            Update on this. I got the dealer to check it out. Turns out the button on my boot door was broken. I have never been able to open the boot and engage the motor to continue opening it using the physical button on the boot. New part is on its way from Japan. Thanks all.