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swapping headlights from halogen to led

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  • swapping headlights from halogen to led

    Hi every one i want to know if it possible to swap the gx headlight to crusade and if so what will be required


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    Hey thebad35, yes it is possible, if it's a GX you have and want the Crusade's LED units, you can buy these on E-Bay, from Thailand for about $1,500.
    If it's the Crusade you have and want the GX headlamps i would think it's possible as well, it's essentially exactly the same car across the 3 models just not got the same accessories/options


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      so its not as simple as a globe swap ? ive not seen the Crusade side by side to GX to compare
      2016 GX , in White


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        Yes, model dependent, e.g. do you have a GX/GXL ? or the crusade model, my GX i have put in HID 35W, as the beam distance was not enough for my liking (also depends on LED arrangement on the actual globe stalk)


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          thanks thehunteroz for your input but not all functions will work i asked an toyota tech about it as will and he told me that the Crusade has an auto headlight level where the GX has manual be it can work and if can help me how is the GX headlight with hid and which bulb it takes since its more in my budget


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            Hey mate no worries, the whole assembly from ebay comes with auto leveler i'm pretty sure but glad to help out with the HID kit information.
            This is the one i used, remember though I'm in Western Australia where they aren't so picky about HID headlamps in your state/territory they may attract unwanted police attention.