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  • Gauges

    Hi Guys,

    I'm slowly getting my Fortuner ready i'm up to installing some gauges for dual battery, boost /egt and a temp one am I able to mount them on the A pillar ? or do i have to fab up a custom holder for on dash any help will be appreciated..

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    ginger sounds like a good idea, that being said i'd avoid doing anything near the A Pillar, there's an SRS curtain airbag in that thing. I'm no expert but i've had a fair few cars over the years and always avoided putting things near airbags, most airbags deploy at over 200 KM/H so anything that's in the way becomes a projectile.

    That's my 2 cents,


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      Look into a bluetooth OBD2 connector, and then get an ipad or similar with the program "Torque pro". This program, when set up, displays, voltage, egt's, a/f ratios, boost, engine, transmission, torque converter temps, speed, etc etc,

      If your tablet has a GPS it can even track your drives and give you a trace on google maps showing exactly where you went and how fast etc


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        Thank's for that Problem is, I already have the Redarc gauges and wanting to use them . might just look look at doing a custom set up