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Interior fade / map reading lights

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  • Interior fade / map reading lights

    Toying with the idea of putting a couple of small LED light strips on the side steps, to help with in-laws getting in & out of the car during at night, so they don't slip (& the missus blames me.)

    My thought is to pick up the wiring that turns the map reading / fade lights on & off getting in & out of the car.

    Any ideas or comments would be appreciated.

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    I am doing something sort of similar - im going to power up the door "puddle" lights as a project.
    The red door reflectors just clip out , then i can install some bright LEDs into the reflector. i can mount them facing downwards via a hole in the reflector , which will have enough scattered light to work the reflector anyway.
    my car doesnt have wiring in the doors for the puddle lights , but the door cards come off easily enough then i can run thin speaker cable from each door to each footwell. From here ( using the factory wiring diagrams ) i can connect lights into the circuits reserved for the factory fitted puddle lights , or even the interior lights.
    The factory diagrams do show the puddle lights so maybe they are fitted to Crusade , not sure.

    ok i'll admit it , im a wanker so i bought these to install -
    2016 GX , in White


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      You want these -

      They fit into the red reflectors on the door trims


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        Originally posted by White One View Post
        ok i'll admit it , im a wanker so i bought these to install -
        haha, nice!



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          Could get something like this if you don't mind the chrome look