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Firewall grommet

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  • Firewall grommet

    I want to pull wires into the cabin & rear, to wire a dc charger & fridge. Can you show me some pictures of your grommet, & how you push that wire through.

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    the grommet has 2 nipples , either side of the main loom. you just cut the end off one nipple , poke a wooden skewer into the hole and it will poke out into the cabin. tape a thin wire onto the skewer and use that to draw all your wiring though. try and keep the skewer straight as you poke it in
    2019 GX , in White


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      Arm-length screwdriver really helps. I saw a tech inserting an 8 gauge wire with terminal very easily, trick is to wrap the wire with a snakeskin wire protector, and feed it straight about 10cm at a time from the middle of the wire bundle after you remove the cable ties.