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Dual battery cable run to rear of vehicle

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  • Dual battery cable run to rear of vehicle

    Hi All,
    I've fitted a dual battery system under the bonnet, now looking to run a cable to the back of the vehicle to power a fridge.
    For those of you that have already done it, how did you run the cable ?
    I intend to run a 6 B & S cable down the inside of the vehicle.
    Where and how did you route the cable from under the bonnet to inside the vehicle ?

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    Mate you have two power outlets already. Can you pick up the under bonnet wire from one of them and connect it to the battery system. Other than that there are usually a few rubber grommets on the firewall under the bonnet. You could poke your wire through one of them into the cabin. Feed the wire through the inside of the firewall down the side of the floor into the rear and then hide cable by putting it under the floor trim . Part of it will probably just push under and in some places you may have to remove the trim and replace it afte the wire is in place. this is pretty much the standard way to do it if no easier way to do it.
    Cheers. .


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      The instructions for fitting the genuine Toyota trailer wiring harness give very detailed guidance in running cable from the engine bay to the rear of the car.
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        From battery (via fuse as close as possible to battery!) , through LHS firewall grommet into footwell, then straight down the LHS under the trim as per the trailer wiring diagram linked above. You can terminate it in the jack area. BTW, you may struggle to route 6 B&S neatly though that path, that's a *very* fat wire. There's no need to do that just for a fridge! If you do want to use 6 gauge, you may consider running it beneath the car (e.g. on top of chassis rails), and bring it back into the cabin through the rear grommet (also mentioned in the trailer harness doc) terminating again in the jack area.

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