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Touch Screen Operating System

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  • Touch Screen Operating System

    Does anyone know what operating system runs the Toyota Fortuner touch screen. Is it some flavour of Android an if so has anyone managed to jailbreak one.

    Picked up a wireless ELM327 OBD2 reader today and was wondering if I could run Torque on the Touch screen.

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    Guido, the TouchScreen is a proprietary toyota shitty thing, you can't run diddly squat on it, best bet is to buy a replacement head unit or a tablet and just run it on that. the OBDII Reader works well with Torque


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      With the way things are these days it is running some form of Android, (or other Linux based OS) or Apple IOS (some may even run Windows for mobiles). Someone just needs to find the time to work out how to jail break them.

      Will run Torque on my Samsung Galaxy for now.