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Light bar harness wiring

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  • Light bar harness wiring

    Just got my 39" lightbar from stedi delivered and going to install onto the roofracks. Was wondering how others have managed to get the high beam piggy back cable and adaptor into the headlight to connect to the high beams?

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    I would also like to know how this is done!


    • Eddo83
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      I just drilled a small hole in the bottom of the housing and brought cable in there then sliconed up. Others I asked drilled theough the cap but I wasn't keen on that idea. You can also just splice into the wiring as is goes into the headlight. I think its the fat white wire on the passenger side. Again I didn't really want to do this method as I want to be able to remove it easily if needed without leaving much of a trace. The hole I did is very inconspicuous on the bottom of the housing. There's actually a grommet there but it was too hard to put a hole in for the additional cables.

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    Eddo83 is right about the piggy back splice on the passenger side high beam - I used a white wire that tested active only when high beams turned on... didn't like cutting away the insulation on the small factory wire and soldered the splice on and sealed up with liquid tape and so on but still a concern and I did not fit a one way solenoid either... so far its working ok.

    How are people running cable to the roof?


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      Just run it up the small gap on the edge of the windscreen. Cable wedges in just nicely.


      • Riko
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        Can you share some pictures of the lightbar wiring. Have front and rear lightbars to install on rhino rack tradie rack and want to know how the cables were run to the lightbars

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      How did u go with the wiring? Got any pics you can share.


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        Hi I have a 2021 model, and a Toyota bull bar fitted. Trying to fit a Stedi light bar and cant find high beam wiring. Big ball of cables under it, looks like was done when they fitted the bull bar. Any photos or advice please