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Led headlights for Toyota fortuner gx

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  • Led headlights for Toyota fortuner gx

    Hi have just joined your group,I have wanted to purchase led headlights for my fortuner and it is a gx model,have been told by a Thailand dealer the plug has to be changed behind the headlight as well as a wiring loom to be got before installation.have any of you guys ever attempted this and is there and easier way of doing this,hoping I can get some advise or just leave the headlights alone

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    You can get LED headlights in H14 format but they havent been around long enough to know if they reliable long term. Personally i dont think the little cooling fan will cope with dust and rain very well.
    2016 GX , in White


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      Nigely you can buy a set of NightEyes LED globes, they will work Ebay- Nighteye 9006/HB4 80W 12000LM LED. you will need to snip a little bit of the locking mechanism off to achieve a full lock, they plug directly into it.


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        I purchased a set of H1R2 9012 LED globes from ebay with reversible cooling fan section which makes them fit easily ... in standard position they are a bit cramped to get it. I have now also upgraded the highbeams (HB3 from memory) with LEDs and as well. (Mine is a GX as well).


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          The bulbs you got where just plug and play I don't need to purchase anything else

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        Yes, plug and play.


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          Will let you know how I go have ordered them