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Intervolt DCC Pro Dual Battery charger

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  • Intervolt DCC Pro Dual Battery charger

    G'day Boys,
    Done a quick search on here but can't find anyone specifically referring to the Intervolt products.

    Has anyone used the DCC Pro unit? Will be putting in a aux battery but need to decide what charger to use.
    The usual suspects like Red-Arc are good but the added functionality such as solar and the remote display of the Intervolt unit is interesting and price is fairly comparable.

    Keen to hear your thoughts.

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    Had one in my Tuna for the last 6 months, it just sits there under the bonnet and does it's thing.
    What specifically do you want to know ?


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      Really just wondering how its performing and any issues faced, install problems, etc as I'm not familiar with them.
      Ive used the Red-Arc product before but as i said the remote display and extra functions makes it an attractive alternative.


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        Haven't used it during summer, so can't say how it'll perform in a hot environment under the bonnet.
        To get an idea about how they work, download the owners manual from the Intervolt website.
        I haven't bothered to connect the remote display or connect solar to it.
        I'll try to post a pic of the unit mounted under the bonnet.


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          if you ask me mate i think its worth spending that little bit extra and sticking to redrarc. The absolute ultimate is the bms but it is pricey however if you just get their bcdc charger they have an inbuilt mppt solar regulator on them and they also have the ability to charge lithium batteries which i believe will be the way of the future and more people will go that way once the price starts to come down a bit on the batteries. As for the monitor to see how many amps are coming in or out of your battery i have used the nasa bm-1 and it is absolutely flawless.

          The thing is for the redrarc bcdc charger and bm-1 you are looking at a total price of around $650 where as this intervolt setup you can get for $390. However like i said before i truely believe that you are better off paying that little bit extra for the redarc setup mate its top quality and when it comes to 12v you want nothing but the best


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            Ive fitted a DCC Pro to my brothers camper. Good unit, the remote voltage display is cool. He had trouble with the solar side of the house which apparently was an issue with the early batches. The Intervolt will take more heat before throttling charge for memory. Ive got a BCDC1220 in my Fortuner. Initially installed it next to the aux battery tray but found driving up north back there it got way to hot. At 80 deg it shuts down altogether and thats an issue when your towing in 40 degrees... Today I moved it in front of the radiator, on a bracket I made up in front of the left horn. Thats definitely the go - even at 40 deg ambient it still cranks out max amperage (20 amps in my case). So in summary, either are fine, I'd probably go with Redarc BCDC - if you fit it though, put it in some airflow.