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    Picked up a light bar off e(vil)Bay, 24" spot beam single row only to find it's not a great fit with a bit of overhang of the brackets and barely a few mm clearance from the front grill.

    Has anyone encountered similar problems with mounting a light bar? also if anyone has a winch installed on a steel bar could they post a few pics to see if the light will be in the way when I eventually do install a winch?

    Definitely looks the part though!

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    I had to grind a few mm off my light bar fins o that it cleared the toyota badge. Different light bars have different brackets, i wouldnt be too worried about overhang, as long as it is secure thats all that matters


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      You haven`t had any overheating issues with the light after grinding a bi off the heatsink?


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        Nope, it was only 2 fins, shaved a couple of mm off them and only for the length of the badge. If i was taking a huge chunk out then there might be heat issues but that small area isnt an issue


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          The winch is mounted low behind the number plate so there shouldn't be any interference with the light bar.


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            Would there be any interference if I put the light bar in behind the mesh section of the bar? May require some custom brackets but would slow down anyone trying to pinch the light bar too


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              I pulled the mesh out and put the light bar in that space. I bolted it to the bar above where there were some handy slots.

              I ended up making some simple brackets out of 4mm stainless bar so I could get it roughly in the middle of the gap.

              I'm thinking of getting a second light bar for the top of the bar. the one I have is a spread beam. I want to get one with more of a spot bias.

              I'm not sure how this will all fit with a winch yet but I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't quite fit.


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                Good thinking mounting it up that way! I`ll have a closer look at it in the next week when I finally get some days off.