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  • Redarc bms

    Hi guys I have just purchased a redarc bms and it will be going in the back next to my deep cycle battery.

    I have attatched a photo of the wiring diagram and I am wondering what is the best place to connect for ground earth in the back and also where is the best place to tap into the ignition trigger from the back also. Thanks

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    there is no ignition trigger in the back , the closest you are going to get it is accessories feed from the ciggy lighter socket , or the rear power socket. Ignition feed is available from the small black fusebox to the left of the glovebox. There is one called Seat Heater you can tap into , using a piggyback micro blade fuse adaptor.
    2019 GX , in White


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      Would you say that the fuse box on the left of the glove box would be my best bet? And also where would be the best place to get my ground earth? Thanks


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        yes it is the best place , better than using an accessories feed.

        you can pick up an earth under most bolts , a seat mounting bolt is perfect.
        2019 GX , in White


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          For ignition, yes, what White One said.
          Note that the fuse box he is referring to is literally beside the glovebox, and you need to remove the glovebox to see it. I mistakenly thought it was a different one a little lower down behind the kick panel, but I didn't find ignition in there..

          For ground, there is an existing earthing point near the cig socket (behind the big trim panel). From memory its not a huge bolt, but it should be fine for 30A.



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            thanks guys